2017: The year I finally got around to starting a blog!

They say the hardest part of any task is starting it, and starting this blog could not be a better example of this. I have once again found myself during the summer holiday period over Christmas and New Year evaluating what I’d like to achieve over the next twelve months and ‘start a blog’ has once again come to mind.

I’ve meant to do this waaaaaaayyyy before now. I actually established my Word Press site two years ago now and only ever dabbled with it for a uni assignment before once again letting slip down the daily ‘to do’ list for something more ‘important’. I even found my planning notes from last years attempt to start a blog – the ideas I wanted to share, how I intended to ‘roll’ out my blog and the research on the blogs I liked and the way people shared their stories.

So here it is! The very first blog post of what I hope will be many that will help record my life experiences and thoughts, in case I ever want to write my autobiography one day, or suffer from Alzheimers.

“I hope this blog enables me to stop and reflect upon the things that matter most.”

I must admit – it’s difficult for a Virgo to leap into any task that isn’t fully planned. Us perfectionists want everything to be as perfect as possible, making it extra tricky to start a blog, especially someone who uses words and communication in their career (kinda like a chef never wanting to cook). Upon reflection of why it has taken me so long to start a blog, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not supposed to be perfect, it’s a process. I’m going to let this be my new years resolution – the one that pushes me out of my comfort zone, forces me to stop and reflect during the year and also connects me with others (of which I know at least 3 people will read this- thanks Dad, Mum and hubby!).

I’d also like to thank Jake, Leesa and Maryann, some of my fabulously talented friends, who have also mentioned on numerous occasions that I should start a blog; I dedicate this one to you. I suppose the conversations and stories that end with ‘you should blog about that’, will now inform my blog posts, so bring it!

A shoutout to Leesa Watego of Deadly bloggers for her blog ‘So what’s a blog post anyway?’, which was also helpful to get started. I’m pleased to join your Deadly bloggers community in time for your tenth anniversary – congrats!

So what will I blog about?

My notes from Jan ’16 listed the following: health, Indigenous Business Month, being busy, being a business woman, tertiary study (finishing my Masters at UTS and perhaps starting a Doctorate) and the importance of education, being an Aunty and Godmother, my work with PLC Sydney, the inspiring amazing women around me, love of coffee, being a carer, the MURRA Indigenous Business Master Class and my love of the sport of calisthenics.

In addition to those, in 2017, I’d like to add my new years resolutions, my travels (I will be travelling quite a bit for work and pleasure this year), international First Nations communities, my obsession with home renovation shows, family, work/life balance, book clubs (and books), my love of stationary, time, doing a triathlon (no, seriously!), my love of brunch, the importance of community and whatever I’m doing that inspires me.

I hope this entices you to read and share with those who might be interested too.

What do I hope to get out of blogging?

I hope this blog enables me to stop and reflect upon the things that matter most to me.

I’m also hoping this blog will help me to focus on one task at a time. I literally just got distracted with an email and subsequent mandatory social media check (of all 4 platforms) whilst putting down my phone. Must get better at that.

Other than that, I’m happy to enjoy the process, learn more, connect with people and see what the world of blogging brings. I hope people are kind, that I continue to find the time for reflection and that I find my blogging voice.

What am I grateful for right now?

At this very moment, I am sitting drinking my mandatory morning coffee at my fave local on the Central Coast of NSW, Darkinjung country. I pay my respects to the Elders who have taken care of this beautiful country for thousands of years – it is an honour to live and work on your land and I promise to always tread lightly and walk with a generous heart.

I am grateful for this glorious summer day; the sun is bouncing off all the shiny surfaces outside the café, reflecting rays into even the shadow spaces. There are lots of holidaymakers around, chatting, eating breakfast and entertaining their kids on the last few days of break before the 2017 work year begins.

Today is the first day in a long time that I feel ‘on top’ of the ‘to do’ list, no flagged emails to respond to, all tasks at home complete and even organized for the year ahead. Just three days to be, reflect and enjoy. Am feeling healthy, happy and calm. I hope I can steal time during the year to have more moments like this.

Next steps…

I hope to blog once a week, scrap that, make it once a fortnight! Putting it writing so that I am committed to the task. I give anyone reading this permission to give me a nudge if I lapse too far in between posts.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and journey with you all this year.

Big love,